I love cities

By on 1-23-2012 in onemilestories, Things

Mailbox and street writings in Prague

I love cities.

I love the layers. The physical layers and the imagined layers -images of desire in the cities we love (and want to visit) and of hopelessness in the cities we hate (and probably stuck in). I love how cities become characters, growing many shades and hues of shadows and bright lights in the hearts of people who live in them. 

I love that cities have many rules but no traditions.

I love that cities can lie to me, can tell me things that they think is true of themselves when they actually dream of other things.

I love that cities can live a long life and die a long death, or probably stay somewhere in between for a very, very long time.  

I love to passionately despise cities and unmovingly, narrow-mindedly, defend and love them.

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